The wellbeing of your employees is our priority

Employee wellbeing has been brought to the forefront in recent years. our course is specifically designed for those who look after others. 

Read on to find out more about the Compassionate Mindful Resilience course...

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete" Jack Kornfield

A 4-week course designed for staff in caring roles to help them to: • Build resilience • Understand and decrease stress • Promote calm • Encourage self care 

Kindful Care will deliver MindfulnessUK's industry-standard course that is currently being researched by Newcastle University. 

Compassionate Mindful Resilience - session outline

MindfulnessUK's CMR course is designed to resource and look after people who are caring for others. Newcastle University is currently researching this course, so we are offering a reduced cost in return for evaluation from attendees.


8 hours (2hrs x 4 sessions) covering:

Session 1:

Exploring Mindfulness & Compassion

Introducing mindfulness, its impact on our brain and the benefits. Learnings include bringing mindfulness into our daily lives and the impact of compassion fatigue. Practices includes mindful eating, self-soothing and a compassionate body scan.

Session 2: 

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

How Mindfulness builds emotional intelligence. Learnings include identifying emotions and responding with kindness. Practices include compassionate mindful movement, taking in the good and treating yourself like a loved one.

Session 3: 

Developing Resilience

How using Mindfulness & Compassion to builds resilience. Learnings include circles of safety, needs and wants, and emotional intelligence and trust. Practices include affectionate breathing, creating your own LovingKindness phrases, and mindful listening.

Session 4: 

Feeling Resourced and Connected 

Learnings include off-setting the negativity bias, dealing with others' emotions and building resources for oneself. Practices include gratitude, abdominal breathing, the mountain meditation, self appreciation, and 10,000 things. Contact Us to find out more,